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Greenpeace recognises “strong relationship” with Appco Hellas

Appco Group Hellas has secured over 365,000 in donations for Greenpeace since May 2013, helping the charity carry out its environmental projects.
Fundraisers working with Appco Group Hellas have signed up more than 2,400 regular-giving donors for the charity in the last 17 months through face-to-face fundraising.
“Thanks to the donors acquired by fundraisers working with Appco Group Hellas, Greenpeace has managed to continue protecting the seas, tackling climate change issues and keeping Greek fields free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs),” said a spokesperson from Greenpeace.
“Greenpeace and Appco have built a strong relationship together to highlight environmental protection as a key component of economic and social development.
“Greenpeace also runs, with Appco, campaigns for specific environmental issues and recently sent its campaigning ship, the Rainbow Warrior, to the Ionian and Aegean Sea to educate people on protecting the sea environment from oil drilling and the use of energy.”