Appco Group Be Something More

Human CommercialTM

Chris Niarchos, Chairman and Founder of the
Cobra Group of Companies and Appco Group, developed the Human Commercial™ and
changed the face-to-face sales and marketing
industry forever.

A face-to-face presentation by a professional,
fully trained person with a prospective customer
is an opportunity to provide a human touch to the
sales and marketing message.

There’s no better way to not only present a product
or service, but also answer questions, close a sale
and leave a lasting and favourable impression.

The Human Commercial™ ensures that people
are engaged in two-way conversations about their
needs and requirements and can, therefore, make
the choice that’s right for them with the peace of
mind they’re talking with a fellow human being
and not a smartphone application, website or automated call centre.

Our professional agents are able to answer questions right there and then, and explain the features and benefits of what the customer is buying.

The face-to-face sales model was the genesis of customer acquisitions and we believe it will be the only channel that will stand the test of time. People talking to people is what the world will always be about and our Human Commercial™ guarantees
that, even in a world of electronic media and faceless one-way marketing, people talking to people will remain the most effective way to market and sell products and services.

Appco Group has stood the test of time and our
unique Human Commercial™ and sales management programme has demonstrated, time and time again, that a customer acquired via the face-to-face channel, ultimately performs the best when compared to other acquisition channels.